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Keep On Posting

Ok, for some people making sure you post something on your social media platform isn’t a problem… at all! Matter of fact, for those, it’s harder NOT to post. But for the rest of us, in the middle of our busy schedules, it’s hard to take the time to post something on our business page(s). In this week’s edition of Manic Marketing Monday, I’ll give you a couple of benefits to staying on top of your social posting.

Social media can be an incredible marketing tool for your business. Whether you stick to just one platform, or if you juggle a few, it’s important to keep your business relevant through at least a weekly posting. If you are selling products, you may be posting on a daily basis. For others, you may only be posting once or twice a week. No matter your frequency, it’s really important to be consistent with your posting to let your potential audience know that you are alive and well… and open for business.

Trust me, I get it, posting can be very time consuming. Not only do you have to set aside time to do the actual posting, but you’ve got to think ahead and plan out exactly what you are going to say. Some posts can be a simple picture of something, others might be more of an article based post where you are sharing information that hopefully is relevant. It’s time consuming, but I believe to be extremely important. Your clients and mine are constantly on social media, you know what I’m saying… you see them walking down the street, huddled in their cubicle, stopped at a light, sitting during lunch… all starring at their phones – checking out the latest. Your post could be one of those “latests”.

No matter what it takes, I’d encourage you to make a plan of attack to get consistent with your posting, even if it means hiring that task out to a marketing business (like Brown Cow). My specific plan consists of: LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook. I link them all together to make things a bit easier and more manageable. But a plan that is easier to manage might just be to post on Facebook, go here to learn more about the benefits of FB posting. Hope this helps!


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