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Meet the Artist/Owner

I’m Scott Johnson and I’m the owner of & artist behind Brown Cow. I have been having fun with art ever since I was 4 trying to redraw the cartoons in the Sunday “funnies”. I have designing full-time since 2007 with over 80 clients!! No kidding!

I have worked with businesses, churches, non-profits, local communities – – all to try and create a graphic that tells the story of an idea. My goal in business is to hold my client’s hand through the design process and to guarantee satisfaction through the designs that I create. Brown Cow is meant to be a ‘one-stop-shop’: not only will I handle helping create your design, but I’ll refer you to the best and most cost efficient avenues for printing (and other vendors). And, I’ll consult you in the best strategies for reaching your target. 

Brown Cow exists as a brand. It’s a brand that wants to project an image of: creativity, quality, professionalism, & integrity.

I hope you’ll contact me today to start a design journey that will leave you glad that you did!