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Logo Design/Branding

Having a logo that truly defines and symbolizes who you are is very important – we won’t brand you something that you’re not! When it comes to logo design, our process starts with 2 online forms for you to fill out – these will help you focus on who your business really is. The next step is a 3o minute interview, where we’ll sit and talk about your answers to the forms and to narrow down the direction of the design. We don’t charge for emails or phone calls when it comes to clarifying the direction of your logo design – instead, we listen and patiently work through the process until you are happy. Brown Cow is a creative first studio – which means we want your logo design to look great, match who you are, and be completely custom! It may be time for your first professional logo design – drop us a line and let’s get started!

Here Are Some of the Logos We’ve Created